“Rampant inflation, if unchecked, could destroy the whole fabric of our society”.

Margaret Thatcher, 1975.

So what is inflation, and why does it matter? Well, there are many definitions. In the words of more than one Federal Reserve Chair, “it’s a mystery”.

In this blog I hope to present a different perspective on the concept: one which attempts to explain the mystery of recent inflation, to offer hope that default in any form will be unnecessary, and to suggest clues for global policy makers in their attempt to “keep the party rolling’.

In essence, an inflated opinion.


Paul Wynn recently retired after more than 35 years in finance, predominantly in investment management.

For nearly 20 years Paul headed Western Asset’s global inflation-linked strategy and led the growth of the UK pension business. A member of the firm’s Strategy Committee since 2003, at its peak, he was responsible for over $20bn of client funds.

Paul’s passions are spread between Bonds (of the fixed income and 007 varieties), and soccer. He is a fervent fan of Chelsea and a season ticket holder at his hometown of Swindon.


AsianInvestor Investment Performance Awards for institutional funds Global fixed income, inflation-linked, 2009 and 2010

To contact Paul with any business related questions or comments, please email him at inflatedopinions@gmail.com.

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