May Day May Day – in November

The futility of trying to untangle this unholy mess is becoming clear

What are the options of the UK Government (and others)?

In this very short note, we cut to the chase.

Raab outs in the headlights?

With the resignation of the chief negotiator, the UK government faces a rebellion that will endanger its future. 

That leaves PM May with very few options. One is obviously the “nuke” – a confidence vote.

Would she ? She’s already lost a rock solid majority, and she’s also losing backers faster than a Trump appointee, so why?

Well the raw reality, as I suggest here, is that this is actually insoluble – Fermats Theorem for Commerce. If so, the inevitable conclusion is that we go back to the people and ask for a do-over.

“Given this actually doesn’t seem possible, at least with all the caveats that many of you have set, do you really want to go ahead with this?”

Hopefully, the threats that leaving brings, stemming from an ever more globalized World and new technologies that will dramatically reduce political power of sovereign nations anyway, have subliminally sunk in to the UK populace.

If so, perhaps after a cycle of confidence vote, no confidence outcome, Labour Party failure to form a minority government, and then threat of a new election, the inevitable truth will appear – the need to go back to the people on THIS issue alone – not all the others which would be bound up in a general election manifesto.

It can’t be right to ask someone to vote on issues like fiscal policy, and re-distribution alongside Brexit. 

The time has come – no more LEAVE or REMAIN 

Instead, #MeRef2

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