Where the *#@% have you been?…

For those wondering where we’ve been throughout the month of October (and most of September for that matter), a quick and humble explanation.

Firstly, we’ve moved from Los Angeles to lovely Park City, Utah.

Multiple reasons, no less financial, but primarily the scenery, which is simply breathtaking, and should provide greater inspiration for our writing.

We’ve also been coaching soccer, and in particular our passion, goalkeepers.

If you’re intrigued, we have a website that tries to promote our ideas on training young keepers, here – https://goalkeepingmatters.com


Finally, we decided early on in the year, that the summer months would be dull and uninteresting, with from an voyeurs perspective, but also from an investment perspective.

We’d taken a similar viewpoint on BREXIT, over a year ago. Just like a basketball game, unless you’re an afficainado who loves the finer points of each pass and basket, most are only interested in the final moments – as the clock runs down to the buzzer,

Well BREXIT is in the last quarter, 6 months left of the 2 years of negotiation. The clock is running down.

So we always planned to begin to focus on BREXIT once October 2018 was underway, and so our first post in a couple of months will be on BREXIT, though taking a very different perspective from any other commentators, and hopefully clarifying the bigger picture. The details of the exact endgame remains like the moves in a 4-dimensional chess game, and while the outcome looks set to end in a “draw”, why bother twisting your brain in knots, trying to decide whether politicians mounting the steps of the Escher building will plump for Canada-plus or Norway “solutions”.

Our post instead points out that the reason Escher rules and politicians seem tied in knots and unable to decide, is because there are much bigger games afoot, which make these local decisions irrelevant if not impossible.

This is a theme we will explore again and again, and is the essence of the strategic post Cracking the Genetic Code of Inflation – the future is “metallic gray”.

3 Replies to “Where the *#@% have you been?…”

  1. Hi Paul,Great to hear from you again. I obviously missed the DNA article first time it appeared. Excellent. Still not convinced we can escape the debt trap without enormous right-offs but I like your construct.Hope the move has gone smoothly.Cheers,ColSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Colin, appreciated.

    yes the move went well, though exhausting, and I’ve not been able to wrote much throughout.

    But that will change now.

    Indeed one of the accepted truths I want to explore and challenge is that we know we’re in a debt overhang or bubble, and that it has inevitable consequences.
    Can’t wait to see your response!.

    Very best old friend. Paul


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