Brexit – By Wednesday or bye May

“Sources say Corbyn WILL call for a vote of no confidence in the PM (not the govt) if she does not announce a date for a vote on her Brexit deal asap – expect the move from him in response to PM’s statement at 3.30pm london”

So what does this mean?

Well anyone in Parliament can call a vote of no confidence (VONC) in the Prime minister at anytime – normally it’s left to the leader of the opposition, but as we suggested here, we suspect even HM has the option to trigger (in a round about, convoluted manner) such a vote.

So, having seen the rather disdainful sight of Tory “Wannabe-Caesars ” failing to find the knife, and all expressing love and a vote for the PM, it’s been left to the Labour opposition to do the job.

But in reality, and as we explained here, it’ll be those within (or actually running ?) the Government, that were not able to vote last week (Ie not Tories) who will wield the knife.

The DUP, the Northern Irish party in government, led by Arlene Foster, must be sharpening their razor sharp votes.

If the PM falls, because Parliament no longer has faith in her (not the government) it’ll be because her “Foster parent” decides.

So what’s the PM’s way “out”?

Simple, she has to announce a date for the vote soon – by this Wednesday before we recess for the holidays – or else it’s bye bye May.

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